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~ArabianPrincess~: GREAT SITE!!! its been an hour and im STILL not done looking at it....and im SURE ill be here lots of times ..... but i would also like to check out the pictures..... but ill get to that some other day... (08 Nov 2003)

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Jimmy Chatalunski: Who are your friends?Are they Arabs?Next to your photos It would be more interesting if you told the viewer more information about your friends.Such as,Name,age,nationality,were you met,how you met.It would be nice if you told how long you have known,also any future plans ,trips,or if you would be willing to share a house or a apartment with them.It would also be important for the viewer to know if you could really trust the people that you call your friends in the photos. (07 Nov 2003)

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Carolyn: Happened on your site by accident...LOL A fun site! thanks for all the laughs! (07 Nov 2003)

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