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Peter: i really enjoyed your webpage. i hope to see more of your works (11 Nov 2003)

masoud: hello kid (11 Nov 2003)

fawd dilpazir: Two thumbs up...(11 Nov 2003)

sdfsd: Awesome job!(11 Nov 2003)

Marieke: hi i'm from belgium and i think this is the best site to get my nicknames from!! ;) ehmzzz i've "invented" one nickname myself: yOu mAy Be AdOrAbLe... NoT i , MySeLf, WiLL cRaWL... i'LL gEt U dOwN... (11 Nov 2003)

aba: I lave you (11 Nov 2003)

Milad: Hey bum everybody aint ya wanna give me a fuckin' try and run down some fuckin' lines wit me.I'm workin' my ass off ta find a adorable bird but blatantly no body's gonna be my bucko. Waitin' fer yer call to 0511-7628666 I love ya. (11 Nov 2003)

urfi nayab: good name dear (11 Nov 2003)

nima: Well done!(11 Nov 2003)

insider trading: (11 Nov 2003)

Sarah McKenna: I was born and raised in Montana, and now I am living in NY with my husband while he goes to medical school. It was so fun to see pictures of my home town and the surrounding wildlife. Thanks!! (11 Nov 2003)

er: yummmmmmmy cooooooooooooooooooooooookie (11 Nov 2003)

ana: I am looking for Aly. I knew him in MrLucky (persian party). I am Ana. Contact with me!! (11 Nov 2003)

hassan: Well done!(10 Nov 2003)

kathy: hey cool site ill be back some day (10 Nov 2003)

david: Two thumbs up...(10 Nov 2003)

mehdi: salam ye sar be site man bezanid (10 Nov 2003)

s: salam azizam khubin? mitunn be man vaght bedin ta baham kami shena beshim? (10 Nov 2003)

The Iranien: salam, chetori, man shahineh fazel hastam va in sito doust daram, va menidonam chi mikonam rou in site bareyeke tou celasseh computers tou madereseham hastam, chill out, and stay iranien (10 Nov 2003)

[Anonymous]: very funny (10 Nov 2003)

b@y y@nG!L!0us: sup sup...lookin good..lataz... (10 Nov 2003)

Sana Ahmad: well guess what!! my name is Sana Ahmad 2, but i'm three yrs older than you so to both you other Sana Ahmad's Stay KOOL (10 Nov 2003)

morteza: This is my faovite site!(10 Nov 2003)

proton: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(10 Nov 2003)

mohd azharuddin: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(10 Nov 2003)

saman: niki karimi (10 Nov 2003)

salar: bah bah hedyeh khanomegol khoobi che khabara deegeazat khabary neest ye adres be ma bede khedmat beresim az nazdeek bibinamet dige harfy nadarm khodahafezzzzz (10 Nov 2003)

tommy: Cool, keep up the nice site!(10 Nov 2003)

Milad: Salam Khanoomhaye mohtaram.Man doost daram yek dooste khoob Internetee peydakonam.Be sure that I would never back off babe. shomareye tamas man0511-7628666 Montazere shoma hastam (10 Nov 2003)

roscoe: yall messed in this joint but I like tha names dog. Keep it tight and sho lave to the 2dimers (10 Nov 2003)

Hare Krisna: Hare Hare (10 Nov 2003)

God: I see you. (10 Nov 2003)

Rambo: The Few. The Proud. The Marines. (10 Nov 2003)

amir: salam lotfan aks haye sex bazigaran ra baraye man befrestid mamnoon (10 Nov 2003)

Vic: cool (10 Nov 2003)

Mr. Clean: Clean this up. (10 Nov 2003)

[Anonymous]: Awesome job!(10 Nov 2003)

Jerry: supp, this site helped me a little, but i was wonderin if you could email me with some more info. (10 Nov 2003)

yees: This is my faovite site!(10 Nov 2003)

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nasir: Excellent site, man...(10 Nov 2003)

dddf: Well done!(09 Nov 2003)

naghmeh: sakam man hamoonam ke dirooz omadam faghat email khodamo avaz kardam.kamran joon age mishe ahang cinderella ra baram beferst man ashegh en ahangam vali an ra nadaram.khodahafez. (09 Nov 2003)

soheil: salam nazli khobi? man danshjoo barq khaj nasher hastam dombal 1 dokhtar baray doste va shayad ham ezdvaj meghardam agar be man pm bede khoshhal mesheam id man hast soheil_behnia to yahoo massenger beomed dedar bey (09 Nov 2003)

rahman: salam halet khoobe (09 Nov 2003)

emadarvand: This is my faovite site!(09 Nov 2003)

ramesh babu: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(09 Nov 2003)

sarah: to all the boys i loved b4 sorry WhAt MaKeS u DiFfErEnT mAkEs U bEaUtIfUl peace (09 Nov 2003)

recommended trading books: hi.. thanks for your website all the best. (09 Nov 2003)

antiqua: great site THANKS (09 Nov 2003)