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hani: Wonderful site..(20 Nov 2003)

ali: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(20 Nov 2003)

Honey: Salam man Assal hastam chaili Choma ra dust daram!!! Tu je Konzerte acharitoon to Hilden(Alman) budam!!! Fekr mikonam hooman jadesch basche chekar kard!! Man dasbandamo dadam behesch omad pain bussam kard!!;-)!!!! (20 Nov 2003)

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ramsis: Good Job!(20 Nov 2003)

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IT\'s mom: Yello U, Haven't heard from u in a longest while bi-marefat. Kojayee agha?! Give me a buzz one of these days...Hope you are doing great. Btw, ain't u gonna visit San Diego any time soon? Cheers, papari (20 Nov 2003)

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Sara: Sara loves Eric always n forever! (20 Nov 2003)

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Fawad H.Naqvi: I was born On 1996 April 6th. Right now I'm seven/7 years old.Right Now The year is 2003. (20 Nov 2003)

Alireza: i need a new soul (20 Nov 2003)

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Bess Myerson: Very funny joke about the elderly couple. Thanks! (19 Nov 2003)

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hamid: Wonderful site..(19 Nov 2003)

Raj: Wonderful site..(19 Nov 2003)

Crisostomo-Ibarra: Kantutan tayo!!! (19 Nov 2003)

hamid: I don't know what to say ... just wanted to know what this site is about. Thanks (19 Nov 2003)

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shahramnazeri: Well done!(18 Nov 2003)