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[Anonymous]: man farid daneshjooye reshteye bargh azad tehran hastam doost daram ba ooni ke midoone kie rabete dashte basham va harchi ham bekhad behesh midam (30 Nov 2003)

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امید روحنواز: بها ر جان سلامی گرم و پر از محبت بر دریچه ی قلبم نوستم، ورود ممنو ع، عشق امد و گفت:بی سوادم. تو عزیز و گو هر دانه ی دل منی. گوی خورشید عالم فروز، دیگر راه به سوی وادی دلت نمی برد. من عاشق تو هستم (30 Nov 2003)

melernie: Good Job!(30 Nov 2003)

Sister Scatophagous: It is indeed an honour to sign the guest book of such a christian society. I hope that I hear from the people I wish to help with my donations in the very near future! (30 Nov 2003)

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Saeed: Ahmad, You have a really wonderful site. I really enjoyed it. Hope you can develope it more and more. I wish you success. All the best, Saeed (29 Nov 2003)

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