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rasoul: 05 dec.2003, danmark side shoma besiyar ziba ast. R.T (05 Dec 2003)

Ida B Laemb: Nice Site!(05 Dec 2003)

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Etienne: Very cool !!! So funny! I found your site while looking for sources to get extracts of G.W Bush speeches, which I've not found yet, and even though it was not was I was looking for actually, I pretty enjoyed the site ! Keep working ! PS. : Anyway, if someone knows where i could find Bush's speeches records, please let me know. Thanks. (05 Dec 2003)

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payman: Good Job!(05 Dec 2003)

Mariam: hi ahmad! i just randomly bumped into your site and wanted to say salaam. i have yet to explore it so i am going to do that now. ciou! ps-i like the joke...funny stuff (05 Dec 2003)

أبو سارة: نتبادل الصور والأفلام السكسية وأي شي غير كذا حاضرين (05 Dec 2003)

ream: ياليت زب معتق ولا على الأقل خصوة (04 Dec 2003)

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امل وعبير: احب صورة السكس والافلام الرجو مراسلتي (04 Dec 2003)

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