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a: I like this site!(23 Feb 2004)

km1: Nice work..(22 Feb 2004)

aile: OOOO (21 Feb 2004)

Ernesto David Lazalde: This is a way awesome and funny site!! Especially Dr. Phil's personality test lol!! (20 Feb 2004)

katie: I like this site!(20 Feb 2004)

elly: hey hooman and kamran i LOVE u both very very much !!!!!!!!! i hope u do well singin on ur own (well i no u will )pls come to manchester some time soon i am ur biggest fan eva and i love u with all my heart !! xxxxxxxxxxx see u soon bye xxxxxxx (20 Feb 2004)

amax: Wonderful site..(19 Feb 2004)

Shweta Jain: This is one of the most entertaining site I've ever seen. Keep up the good work. BINGO !! (19 Feb 2004)

sarah: oh my gosh your website is the funniest thing in the world!! expically the part about women and men! (17 Feb 2004)

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victoria: i love your poems (13 Feb 2004)

Christine: FUN SITE! (12 Feb 2004)

Lupita: Your web is awesome! the bush monkey pics kick ass! keep up the work! (12 Feb 2004)

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khalil: Great! Keep it up!(26 Jan 2004)

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hany: Two thumbs up...(25 Jan 2004)

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