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B.L.O.W. Job Jr: nice site (27 Mar 2004)

[Anonymous]: THE WINDAZ 2000 IMAGE IS QUALITY (26 Mar 2004)

Chanttall: very nice, I liked it... (26 Mar 2004)

boab: u r a packi git tae fuck and go back 2 ure own country and die...... (26 Mar 2004)

Michael: Sarah Afshar told me about this site. I am interested in learning more about Iranian culture and also doing a paper about the unethical stereotyping. I think this site would be great to serve as a module and I definitely would want your help Ahmad. Best, Michael (25 Mar 2004)

Sarah Afshar: Salaam, hale shoma chetor ast Ahmad azizam (25 Mar 2004)

Sarah Afshar: Salaam, hale shoma chetor ast Ahmad azizam (25 Mar 2004)

Richard: Nice color use on the website (24 Mar 2004)

niko: Cool, keep up the nice site!(24 Mar 2004)

elly: yo hooman u rock !!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard u guys r comin down to manchester in october !!!! i cant believe it trust me i will soo be there i love u guys with ll my heart hope to see u soon bye bye xxxxxxxxxx luv elly ( no 1 fan )xxxxxxxxx (23 Mar 2004)

jr: neat site (23 Mar 2004)

Honest Girl: i think this is most carp site i've ever seen never mind (22 Mar 2004)

XaBr: Nice page (22 Mar 2004)

kristeen: nice site....luv tha nicknames...check out my site and sign the guestbook, or add me and chat on msn (21 Mar 2004)

Benoit Brookens: Benoit Brookens, just stopping by, Nice Blog! Keep it up! (21 Mar 2004)

Jac: hey... cool site!! (21 Mar 2004)

someone: hey wass up?? cool site i like it, well g2g buh bye! (21 Mar 2004)

Lenny: Great site - love it! (20 Mar 2004)

Meball Zitch: WOW - What an awesome site you have here... lovely. (20 Mar 2004) f u (20 Mar 2004)

elly: yo hooman u rok and so do u kamran i love u 2 very much pls come to manchester soon luv from me monica and parhun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (20 Mar 2004)

ثسسسش: يوجد سكس لبنانى (20 Mar 2004)

Ivgota: Nice site (20 Mar 2004)

san: This is nealy very good site . It is arts that are very creative and make the people relax very much from usual routine. san (19 Mar 2004)

Eorgeg Ushb: I like this site!(18 Mar 2004)

crystal: I think this web page was wicked good work! (17 Mar 2004)

javi: Nice website (17 Mar 2004)

paryssa: Salam (if u speak farsi!) i am a 14 yr old girl and i recently discovered your website. I must admit ive never thought an iranian website would be so entertaining - infact my english friends at school often visit your website and look at the funny pictures. I think you have done an amazing job and i am proud 2 be iranian. thanks very much wb xx (17 Mar 2004)

Hamed: Great! Keep it up!(17 Mar 2004)

Raymond Ntobo: I like this site!(16 Mar 2004)

Mika: Hi! I just visited your Webpage and have to say It's great! I like your design very much! If you want to, you can visit my site with all flag flags and anthems of the world at For example the flag of the usa. Mika (15 Mar 2004)

Ann: Just surfed in--what a nice site! (15 Mar 2004)

Annali: Hooman and Kamran 4ever!!! We love you!!!You are the best young iranian singers!!! (15 Mar 2004)

Masoud: Please send me one email soon, (14 Mar 2004)

onyekachi: i really love your site (13 Mar 2004)

Khalil: This site is a terrible mess. Plus it's intolerably boring. Who cares about Iran, it's the Arab nations that matter. (13 Mar 2004)

deepak rohilla: keep up the good work! (13 Mar 2004)

Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie, Jill DeJong, Sarah Afshar, Teresa (oish), Lara Weller, Rhona Mitra, and Many More (09 Mar 2004)

Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie, Jill DeJong, Sarah Afshar, Teresa (oish), Lara Weller, Rhona Mitra, and Many More (09 Mar 2004)

matt: Do you read your guestbook? (09 Mar 2004)

Michaela Brack: Wer liebt PARS ????!!! (08 Mar 2004)

Cat Eye Outfitter: I really enjoyed my visit. A great site. I'll be back sometime soon. (06 Mar 2004)

حسن جماعى: اود المشاركه معكم (05 Mar 2004)

Kelly: Howdy Ahamd! how are you doin? aahahahhahha!!!!!! (05 Mar 2004)

Amir\'s \"first\" and last Lady ;): Very innovative! (05 Mar 2004)

etminan: I found this site on of the best in the mail is e-t-m-i-n-2-0-0-2-a-t-y-a-h-o-o--c-o-m (04 Mar 2004)

romeo liu: I enjoy this pape and trough this i get more about Iran which is a new land for me. (04 Mar 2004)

Un_Cerin-deth: draguneyeZ is the koolest name (03 Mar 2004)

Dr. Caryn Brack-Budary: Dr. Caryn Brack-Budary London U.K. (03 Mar 2004)

Nat: Hoo, haa, he ha ha, he ha ha, willa billa bing bang. No idea how I got here. (02 Mar 2004)