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onyekachi: i really love your site (13 Mar 2004)

Khalil: This site is a terrible mess. Plus it's intolerably boring. Who cares about Iran, it's the Arab nations that matter. (13 Mar 2004)

deepak rohilla: keep up the good work! (13 Mar 2004)

Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie, Jill DeJong, Sarah Afshar, Teresa (oish), Lara Weller, Rhona Mitra, and Many More (09 Mar 2004)

Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie, Jill DeJong, Sarah Afshar, Teresa (oish), Lara Weller, Rhona Mitra, and Many More (09 Mar 2004)

matt: Do you read your guestbook? (09 Mar 2004)

Michaela Brack: Wer liebt PARS ????!!! (08 Mar 2004)

Cat Eye Outfitter: I really enjoyed my visit. A great site. I'll be back sometime soon. (06 Mar 2004)

حسن جماعى: اود المشاركه معكم (05 Mar 2004)

Kelly: Howdy Ahamd! how are you doin? aahahahhahha!!!!!! (05 Mar 2004)

Amir\'s \"first\" and last Lady ;): Very innovative! (05 Mar 2004)

etminan: I found this site on of the best in the mail is e-t-m-i-n-2-0-0-2-a-t-y-a-h-o-o--c-o-m (04 Mar 2004)

romeo liu: I enjoy this pape and trough this i get more about Iran which is a new land for me. (04 Mar 2004)

Un_Cerin-deth: draguneyeZ is the koolest name (03 Mar 2004)

Dr. Caryn Brack-Budary: Dr. Caryn Brack-Budary London U.K. (03 Mar 2004)

Nat: Hoo, haa, he ha ha, he ha ha, willa billa bing bang. No idea how I got here. (02 Mar 2004)

inam: this website IS A COOLL 1 AHMAD THIS WEBSITE ROCKS MAN GREAT (02 Mar 2004)

Elle: This site is kinda cool, accidenlty came onto it when i was looking for something else..really thats the truth anyways keep it up , its wicked site who eva you are! LaTeRz ..pEaCe oUt !! (01 Mar 2004)

nobody but someone: u didn't rplay me AHmed? May i write about Holly religious (Islam) am waiting plz ans me (01 Mar 2004)

garfield: My god, i had no idea Bush is this dumb, i know he is no genius, nut this is just absurd (in a fun way) (01 Mar 2004)

عـزوز: Wonderful site..(01 Mar 2004)

Voyager: Good luck defending against those nasty DOS attacks. DOS sucks. (29 Feb 2004)

Treahs: the nickname Treahs is from the word hearts I mixed up the letters, and came out with a nickname, but now I want a better nickname. (29 Feb 2004)

Amber shingleton: ThIs WeBsItE rOcKs!!!!!!!! (28 Feb 2004)

nobody but someone: Hello main owner of this site. salam. may i write religious stuffs.Give me permission Plz. i'm waiting to give some true moral lesson.Allah Hafiz (28 Feb 2004)

love: تكفوووووووووووووون صور ياشبــــــــــــــــاب و افلام و راح ارسل اللى عندى من افلام (28 Feb 2004)

ali baba: Good (28 Feb 2004)

nobody but someone: i really don't know what is this site all about. lol (27 Feb 2004)

John: reat site! (26 Feb 2004)

rosie: i was wondering if this site would help me with my school course work, is there anything about the iranian earthquake?! plz leave me a message back! (26 Feb 2004)

Jose Jiminez: Not bad. (24 Feb 2004)

محمد: Well done!(23 Feb 2004)

harriet: thus is so cool!!! (23 Feb 2004)

a: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(23 Feb 2004)

km1: Nice Site!(22 Feb 2004)

aile: OOOO (21 Feb 2004)

Ernesto David Lazalde: This is a way awesome and funny site!! Especially Dr. Phil's personality test lol!! (20 Feb 2004)

katie: Well done!(20 Feb 2004)

elly: hey hooman and kamran i LOVE u both very very much !!!!!!!!! i hope u do well singin on ur own (well i no u will )pls come to manchester some time soon i am ur biggest fan eva and i love u with all my heart !! xxxxxxxxxxx see u soon bye xxxxxxx (20 Feb 2004)

amax: Nice work..(19 Feb 2004)

Shweta Jain: This is one of the most entertaining site I've ever seen. Keep up the good work. BINGO !! (19 Feb 2004)

sarah: oh my gosh your website is the funniest thing in the world!! expically the part about women and men! (17 Feb 2004)

reverend upandgo: wonderful!!!!!!! (17 Feb 2004)

zizi: hi (17 Feb 2004)

[Anonymous]: u get none (17 Feb 2004)

kami: i am from azerbeycan (16 Feb 2004)

jay barker: will falconbridge is the fuckin most hottest person on earth luv ya will (15 Feb 2004)

Steph: lifez a bitch until u die so fuk da world n letz get high!!! (14 Feb 2004)

ziba: Nice ! (14 Feb 2004)

Allen Brooks: Most excellent! A very fine site, great linx. (13 Feb 2004)