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Sabbir Ahmed: When was the last time you did something for the first time? (08 May 2004)

Imanv: Cool site! (07 May 2004)

Mike: It has a great layout, wonderful job! (05 May 2004)

elly simaei: yo hooman .. u rock baby... jus wanted to say i luv u with all my heart all the best for the futer career!!!!! luv u loads and 4eva luv from elly!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (05 May 2004)

suneelmadhav: Your site is one of the good things that happen to life. with love, suneel madhav. (04 May 2004)

T Rock: Nice SB pics dude!! What is the big deal about the Oakley hat? Looks like a regular ol' overpriced Oakley hat to me..... (03 May 2004)

Duck hunter: Interesting site. (03 May 2004)

Martin Clancy: nice site (03 May 2004)

Webmaestro: Very nice and useful website. (03 May 2004)

Dags: Great site (02 May 2004)

William Swampley: I really enjoyed your site! It has a great layout, nice job! (01 May 2004)

hosein: halet khobe! (01 May 2004)

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Kathrin Seyer: Great Site (29 Apr 2004)

meeka lou hoo: with all the info i gave... please dont stalk me! (28 Apr 2004)

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steffi: Eine wirklich informative Seite zum Thema. Bitte mehr davon. (26 Apr 2004)

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nader: Nice Site!(25 Apr 2004)

Milad: Salam...Khoobeen...rastesh een dafeye avale man een site meebeenam vase hameen nemeedoonam baz dehesh chetoree be hameen dalil nazare khasee nadaram (24 Apr 2004)

Lawrence Bishop: Just stopped by (23 Apr 2004)

Dr Phil Withcom: Nice Site (23 Apr 2004)

Markus von Kranzau-Wertingen: Hi ahmad, how are you? greetings.... (23 Apr 2004)

Mike: Good site, thank you (23 Apr 2004)

Ross: Nice site! Here's mine... (22 Apr 2004)

Terry: Nice site! (22 Apr 2004)

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Father Ned Flander: Very cool site if I say so myself. God bless! (20 Apr 2004)

Richard Licher: Yeah I really like the new style!! (20 Apr 2004)

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P.Ness: Nice website (19 Apr 2004)

Raye Testro: lovely site Ahmad (18 Apr 2004)

Harald Fischer: iran, iraq, ikea! keep up the good work, cheers, harald (18 Apr 2004)

Jenny: hi, just dropping by. I like the new fortune page.. but why do the links in one category disappear when you click on a fortune? (17 Apr 2004)

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joy: Nice Site!(16 Apr 2004)

Lisa: Lovely work... i bet god hates you for this.. (15 Apr 2004)

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Stevo: Hi, nice page! (15 Apr 2004)