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Garry Lee: Really enjoy the site. Good work. (23 Aug 2004)

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David Harvey: Loved the site (22 Aug 2004)

Mohammed Taifour: Can someone please inform me of the extent to which Mohammed's love of prepubescent children resulted in anal trauma? Salam, Mohammed Taifour (22 Aug 2004)

Maeve Smythe: JUST LOVE YOUR SITE. (22 Aug 2004)

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Kuzey Kesimoglu: but pls remove the funny stories and images despising Turkish people. it is not nice treatment to degrade the other nations and peoples.i rather think it is a kind of racism. thanks (20 Aug 2004)

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Jimbo: Hello, Just visited your website. Thank you - very informative - found most of the needed info. Thanks again (18 Aug 2004)

Ivor Itchiass: nice site (18 Aug 2004)

Stan: Great fun page!!! I ll be back soon!! Best greetings from germany! (18 Aug 2004)

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