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Isaac: Very nice! (07 Oct 2004)

Gumi Ballo: Quite nice, ok? (07 Oct 2004)

chris: I want a random comment! (07 Oct 2004)

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Luke Watson: Sarah Afshar is smoking! Beyond gorgeous! She looks like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Aria Giovanni. How do you know her, Ahmad? (07 Oct 2004)

Megan Kidd: I wish that Usher was my friend and I am his biggest Fan and I wish that I could go to one of his concert. (06 Oct 2004)

Morgan Farris: kiss me once i like u...kiss me twice i love u...kiss me the thrid time and i'm board of a bitch!!! (06 Oct 2004)

T. Ferguson: Great Site Ahmad! (06 Oct 2004)

Eve: Nice pages, well done. (06 Oct 2004)

Braam Simon: Nice site (05 Oct 2004)

sonnerie portable: nice website ! les meilleurs sonneries portable ! (04 Oct 2004)

sasssi: sa fra edra (04 Oct 2004)

Omar: thx for all (04 Oct 2004)

Sue: Well done!(03 Oct 2004)

Ellen Harris: do u have any pictures of the time when a family came on with the big dog if you do can u send me them please (03 Oct 2004)

Willie: This is my faovite site!(03 Oct 2004)

KAT RUB: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(03 Oct 2004)

greengrass: religeon was invented for the people of all nationalities who were poor, to give them something to do, so the rich ie kings, queens and anyone else in power took their minds off whatever was going on, in other words to keep them quiet and pre occupied, so all you fanatics out there, there is no such thing as religeon it was invented, now stop all the killing there is no such thing as islam, jews or anything else and till you relise this, the world will be a better place. (02 Oct 2004)

Live Video Chat: Well done!(02 Oct 2004)

Tuluklaik: Just surfing the net, and came across this very nice page! T Awoman (02 Oct 2004)

Justin Slightly: Very tidy site! (30 Sep 2004)

David: Hiya (30 Sep 2004)

Jen: Love your site. Check out mine if you love your Pets. (30 Sep 2004)

[Anonymous]: Nice site ahmad, off topic... Katie Hopkins, I'm sorry if you deserve your disease. I've tried to show you how you've impacted the world and those around you, to challenge who you are, to argue right and wrong, and help you grow into a better person. I hope you will dedicate your effort into having your life produce better repercussions in the world, and to ponder your example. May effort and time bring you peace and good karma, Katie Hopkins (29 Sep 2004)

Abfon: I like your site, it is very informative. (29 Sep 2004)

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Waseem: Well,what a great,amazing site..!! I really love all your stuff,and i always send it all over .. Thanks a lot for such site.. I hope you go on....and may god be with Ahmad.. Best regards, Waseem (29 Sep 2004)

charlie bear: hi wick website been on it keep 4 get in 2 sign your g book need a couple more quizzes then it will b fab thanks bye (29 Sep 2004)

arlo: great site (29 Sep 2004)

claire kim: adorable! (29 Sep 2004)

Mustafa Swineman: I need fast money (29 Sep 2004)

[Anonymous]: ba khate sineh un khanume sharareh kheili hal kardam , 3 rooze ke daram bahash jagh mizanam (28 Sep 2004)

Kitty: I loved this stuff! (28 Sep 2004)

Henk: great site!! Keep it up (28 Sep 2004)

David: Excellent. (28 Sep 2004)

Lord Crotchington: The links page is great, lots of interesting stuff. Thanks for going to the trouble. (28 Sep 2004)

Luke: I just love the simpsons! (28 Sep 2004)

Thomas Cruise: Interesting and easy to navigate! (28 Sep 2004)

Roderick Glossup: Good work. (27 Sep 2004)

tom: Passing through (27 Sep 2004)

Mustafa Weedick: nice site (27 Sep 2004)

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Sheila: I like your style. Nice site. (25 Sep 2004)

Jimmy Scott: Very nice site. I especially like your Iran section. Keep up the good work! (25 Sep 2004)