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Dr Paul Chui: Cool site (28 Nov 2004)

Rory Gilcrest: Good page - I really like the fun and short jokes section. (28 Nov 2004)

lucy: cool (28 Nov 2004)

umer raza: i like this web...any way if u wana some change then loge on (27 Nov 2004)

Johnny fo shizzle: The short jokes are hilarious, but i tried the pizza one and i am being sued!!!!!!!!!! i and filing a lawsuite!!!!!!! (27 Nov 2004)

roman: gambling (27 Nov 2004)

Dready: Hey what is the password? (27 Nov 2004)

john henry love: Two thumbs up...(25 Nov 2004)

Mike: Hi, habt eure Sache echt gut gemacht! Komme immer wieder gerne! (25 Nov 2004)

David Wheeler: Good job, keep it up (25 Nov 2004)

Frank Butcher: Amen folks, good site. (24 Nov 2004)

Frank: A very nice site. Well done. (24 Nov 2004)

k_e_e_l_e_y: hi any 1 wanna talk email me (24 Nov 2004)

dima: Nice (24 Nov 2004) Green Card Lottery DV2006 (24 Nov 2004)

Ken Tree: Interesting! (24 Nov 2004)

Alex: Your site was benefit to me. Thanks! (24 Nov 2004)

david owens: nice work (23 Nov 2004)

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Maxwell Smart: Cool I should invest (23 Nov 2004)

Jimminy Kriket: Jolly good site mate, a joy to read. (23 Nov 2004)

mike-england: To the Glory of Jesus Christ our saviour he saved me, God bless mike E (23 Nov 2004)

Brandon: Great site you have here. Keep up the good work!! (23 Nov 2004)

Charles Tony, Esq.: You have clearly worked hard on your web page. My compliments. (22 Nov 2004)

Alan c clarke: Great website (22 Nov 2004)


crissytv: Wonderful site..(22 Nov 2004)

Eric: great site (22 Nov 2004)

Danny Swiggs: Great site. Enjoyed. (22 Nov 2004)

hojjat fadaee: get connected (21 Nov 2004)

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Fantasia: nice site (21 Nov 2004)

Phil Mienutts: Nice site, I will return, Godd bless. (21 Nov 2004)

Amy: update nemishe chera? (20 Nov 2004)

Walter: This is my faovite site!(20 Nov 2004)

Robert Sanders: Great site (20 Nov 2004)

georg: excellent site and artwork - r.e.s.p.e.c.t. greetz from vienna !! (20 Nov 2004)

Nathan: Cool site, don't stop (20 Nov 2004)

shideh: hello! my name is shideh too. yay!!! (19 Nov 2004)

Brad Smyth: Keep up the good work ! (19 Nov 2004)

brenda: Nice work..(19 Nov 2004)

Lobelia Sackville: Nive site (19 Nov 2004)

Kate: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(18 Nov 2004)

Apurva: This is a very good site. You have done an excellent job collecting and presenting priceless information and thoughts. I have bookmarked your site and plan to share it with my friends. Keep up the good community service! (18 Nov 2004)

James: Nice site (18 Nov 2004)

Hugo: This is a wonderful wealth of information. I will definitely revisit this site in the future. This site has a lot of great info for my project. I find very your site interessant and I will immediately put it to put it in my favourites. Thank You! (18 Nov 2004)

Brad: hi great site i a specialy like da dective baby and da cow . dis is a superb site and will continue to come on in the future (17 Nov 2004)

rebecca: i liked this webpage all tho it would be better if you supplied the recipies for your collections. (17 Nov 2004)

Dave: Great site, enjoyed the visit, a lunch-hour well invested! (17 Nov 2004)

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