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Robert Lee: Good site. Keep it up! (01 Jan 2005)

[Anonymous]: Great! Keep it up!(31 Dec 2004)

مالك: Nice Site!(31 Dec 2004)

wwwwww: Nice work..(31 Dec 2004)

Grover Harris: What up? (31 Dec 2004)

Vix: Hey im vix email me (31 Dec 2004)

Wedd: Thanks for helpful information! (31 Dec 2004)

Adrian: VERY VERY VERY GOOD (31 Dec 2004)

sashi: Two thumbs up...(30 Dec 2004)

hadi: Cool, keep up the nice site!(30 Dec 2004)

dbsdf: hgshdh (29 Dec 2004)

Behrooz: Good site, but the font is realy small. (29 Dec 2004)

Wedd: Thanks for helpful information! (29 Dec 2004)

ALI MOHAMED: Well done!(29 Dec 2004)

سعيد احمدسالم: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(29 Dec 2004)

mostafa: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(28 Dec 2004)

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ali reza khalilian: ali reza (28 Dec 2004)

ali: Nice work..(28 Dec 2004)

blah: go to my website and be a fan! (27 Dec 2004)

Shweta Jain: I'm visiting your site after 10 months and it is still awesome.. (27 Dec 2004)

صصصص: Excellent site, man...(27 Dec 2004)

reza akrami: man ax hediye va niki karimi va laya zangane ra mikham lotfan baram befestid mamnoonam (27 Dec 2004)

hanzadahassan: hi how are you i would like to know what is the best way to take a picture (27 Dec 2004)

pares: hello dear iam in damascus (27 Dec 2004) (26 Dec 2004)

san: Great! Keep it up!(26 Dec 2004)

seba: ok (26 Dec 2004)

زياد الحميصي: Nice work..(26 Dec 2004)

amy: heya i found ur website on google an i thorght the pictures were amzing amy (26 Dec 2004)

Peter McConnely: Hi, Nice doing! Keep on Goine! (26 Dec 2004)

على: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(26 Dec 2004)

بلبل: Awesome job!(26 Dec 2004)

Ronald: nice site (25 Dec 2004)

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lebon man: I like this site!(24 Dec 2004)

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sayed: Nice Site!(23 Dec 2004)

ةش: Two thumbs up...(23 Dec 2004)

khaled fawzy: Two thumbs up...(23 Dec 2004)

soma: Nice work..(23 Dec 2004)

Jezzie Lancaster: awesome site. (23 Dec 2004)

shapoor: agah bebachschid,...schoma sabse mifforushin?micham nasche bescham!!merci (22 Dec 2004)

mishmish: fx (21 Dec 2004)

[Anonymous]: dont mean to be a negative nelly but theres no Vnacouver in WA.....Signed From Sean Vancouver,CANADA(right beside WA) (21 Dec 2004)