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haha: hi (16 Mar 2005)

Alexzandra Dela Cruz: My 3 sons love you and your talent. They love your singing and dancing. They watch your videos nonstop throughout the day! (16 Mar 2005)

kitty: in got pics (16 Mar 2005)

ehab: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(16 Mar 2005)

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mohamed: i miss you (16 Mar 2005)

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Nevark: First of all your site is cool. Next omg is the world meter for real. Fuck!! (16 Mar 2005)

hd: Two thumbs up...(15 Mar 2005)

star: this is just wicked funny! (15 Mar 2005)

rrobert hawkins: far out site funny i enjoyed it (15 Mar 2005)

zareesha: hi (15 Mar 2005)

Trista: I miss home a bit, so I went in search of Santa Cruz pictures. This is probably the best photos I've found yet on the net. Thank you. (15 Mar 2005)

ضص: Nice Site!(15 Mar 2005)

Christine Boudaghi: We are living in a world of freedom, become a gentleman. (15 Mar 2005)

chris: great site (15 Mar 2005)

[Anonymous]: you idiot (15 Mar 2005)

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catherine: { Another idea for a practical joke is to put goldfish in all the toilets. } This is soo not funny this is sooo inappropriate and immature i love golfship and it is sick to hear this (14 Mar 2005)

Christine Boudaghi: Christine Boudaghi Washington D.C. USA (14 Mar 2005)

any6: smiles (14 Mar 2005)

Shahar: Although I'm Israeli guy, I had a big fun of your work, I like it so much that I ready to meet you. Hope to hear from you, Shahar from Israel (14 Mar 2005)

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