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awad: awad (03 May 2005)

Bernie: Great site (03 May 2005)

ammar: Awesome job!(03 May 2005)

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pedram: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(02 May 2005)

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AHMED: i want sex (01 May 2005)

ahmad ahmad: Excellent site, man...(01 May 2005)

G: Why do u leave so much racist comments on ur nicknames page. I find it so's and Jews are insulted. You should have control of what's written on ur site. (01 May 2005)

Pari Shilton: nice site - great! (01 May 2005)

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jamshid: Awesome job!(30 Apr 2005)

Brian Taylor: Interesting site. Keep up the good work. (30 Apr 2005)

kaed: Well done!(30 Apr 2005)

دير نساء: Good Job!(30 Apr 2005)

mady: I like this site!(30 Apr 2005)

Amber Stewart: I just read your weird facts page and wanted to say for the record that Marilyn Monroe did not have six toes. In fact there are tons of photos of her feet and not one of them show an additional toe. (30 Apr 2005)

ابو ثامر: Wonderful site..(30 Apr 2005)

Rudy Baylor: Cool (29 Apr 2005)

ffsd: Wonderful site..(29 Apr 2005)

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