Guest Book - Alex Middleton - 04/01/2017


Name:   Alex Middleton
E-Mail:   kikialexmiddleton at
Location:   San Diego, CA
Birth Year:   1999
Gender:   Female
Comments:   I'm doing a genealogy project for my school and a joke popped up with my dad's name in it, saying he was a student at SDSU (where he went to college) from Indiana (where he is from) so I am sure it was him. In the joke he solicits a prostitute and I cannot wait to tell him about it an laugh at his kangaroo comment. I would LOVE to get in contact with the person who created the joke.
Fortune:   Quote #520 > Yea, fond memories. COBOL-B ran in 8K, no PERFORM verb, only first 3 > characters of datanames were significant. That was when ALTER statement was > valuable. 'Fond memories' of times

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