Guest Book - Cambay Group - 03/24/2011


Name:   Cambay Group
E-Mail:   cambaygroup at
Web Page:
Location:   India
Gender:   Male
Comments:   World Cup 2011 has reached its penultimate stages. And no team is playing like a champion team. In fact both England and Srilanka are on a level playing field. Who will make to the semis? Watch the cricketing moments unfold live on Larger than life Screen only at Pool Side Grill on Saturday, i.e. 26th March. To book your tables call- 9909953725
Fortune:   I wholy lack mamby-pamby feelings for the incompetent - if the Lurie wishes to be helped, he _MUST_ read what documents are available. Otherwise, he lays himself open to ridicule and pity (my ridicule

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