Guest Book - VLAURUS SKYWAY - 11/06/2008


E-Mail:   jpwarzinski at
Web Page:
Location:   Pielnia, Poland
Birth Year:   never disclosed
Gender:   Male
Comments:   RUBY PETUNIA CALCEOLARIA of NEW STANTON,PA. USA WILL BE PUTTING THE ROMAN CATHOLIC IN PIELNIA,POLAND as A VLAURUS FILES OF 452374-MUSIC FRIENDS FILES IN THE DOLOMITE MINE IN PIELNIA. and alley 201 glen burnie,md. usa illegal dumping witnessed by 25 color cameras og vlaurus globaltoday. joe the fiddler
Fortune:   I am tired of your idiocy. Why the bleeding fuck don't you sodding READ for bloody once? I understand that such activity will strain the single brain cell you _DO_ have, but on the other hand hand, yo

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