Guest Book - Les Vaughn - 12/19/2007


Name:   Les Vaughn
E-Mail:   musicman1943 at
Web Page:
Location:   Reowena,(The Dalles) Oregon
Birth Year:   1943
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Love the way your site is laid out. I'm just here for the first time. I will write more after I listen I was referred by Wayne and Jean from Portland. He said he had sent you some of my music. Love to talk with you sometime and compare notes and history. Thanks and keep on truckin.
Fortune:   0071 Do you have a line printer picture of... 0072 ... the Mona Lisa? 0073 ... the Enterprise? 0074 ... Einstein? 0075 ... Oliver? 0076 Have you ever made a line printer picture? -- from THE HACKER T

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