Guest Book - Flash Blaster - 08/28/2004


Name:   Flash Blaster
E-Mail:   shist at
Location:   Germany
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Agha Site-e shoma kheiily bahale, toosh hamechi dare, cheghadram,behtarin site-e ke tahal didam, man dishab 4 saat toosh boodam, hanoozam hamechisho nadidam, amma baazi az Cathegoryhash PW mikhad ke bebinam, passwordesho bayad beporsim ya faghat bara shomast in cathegory?Age mishe lotfan ye Mail befrestin baram. THX
Fortune:   A lot of software developers are seduced by the old "80/20" rule. It seems to make a lot of sense: 80% of the people use 20% of the features. So you convince yourself that you only need to implement 2

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