Guest Book - Hermann-Alfred-Daniel-Emil Neumad-Hinrichs - 04/20/2004


Name:   Hermann-Alfred-Daniel-Emil Neumad-Hinrichs
E-Mail:   M.A.D.access at
Web Page:   Neumann-Hinrichs
Location:   Hannover
Birth Year:   1958
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Pock, pock,pock, hennes are oly there to lay eggs with red ribbons on them. Donque,Steinmann only is making Comikpostcards of it!!! They say, evenwhen the Pock-pocks are blind, they manage even to find a corn, at least sometimes. Must be really fun to make Funpostcards out of it!
Fortune:   The cheese slid off his cracker.

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