Guest Book - Masifnaz - 08/19/2003


Name:   masifnaz
E-Mail:   manaz at
Web Page:
Location:   karachi Pakistan
Birth Year:   01-01-1980
Gender:   Male
Comments:   salam ...ﻡﻳﺣﺭﻟﺍﻥﻣﺣﺭﻟﺍﻪﻟﻟﺍﻣﺳﺑ hello friends ميرئ جانب سئ سب كواسلا م إلئكم nice to see or serch this side I hope all friends realy Enjoy here nice Naked Pictures at web so now also inviting to friends at information page about Pakistan like to hit at so ... thanks ائم آصف ناز فروم باكستا ن
Fortune:   I didn't know Onward Christian Soldiers was a Christian song. -- Aggie Pate, at a non-denominational mayor's breakfast, Fort Worth, Texas

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