Guest Book - Antik Hotel - 06/20/2003


Name:   Antik Hotel
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Location:   Turkey
Birth Year:   1983
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Istanbul Antik Hotel 4 Stars Design Hotel in Old City Center with Free Airport-Hotel Transfer Antik is a four star hotel located in the old city center of Istanbul. It is close to Forum Tauri (now Beyazit Square) used as a meeting place for centuries since the foundation of Byzantion. Istanbul hosted many civilizations for hundreds of years. This tradition continues here today in Antik Hotel’s structure, as it was built on a 1500 years old cistern. This cistern is the roots of the hotel to the ancient times. And the hotel grows on this roots to the future. In Antik Hotel, you can experience 4 different civilizations -the Roman, the Byzantion, the Ottoman and the Turkish Republic- as the hotel carries small details of these periods. You can also see the archaelogical ruins of the cistern that is exhibited at the lobby. Living Istanbul’s magic by travelling in the history will be a great experience with Antik Hotel. This is an encellent site site design is perfect. Antik Hotel Istanbul Istanbul City Center Hotel
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