Guest Book - FAISAL Az, - 05/21/2003


Name:   FAISAL Az,
E-Mail:   UAEcheerful at
Birth Year:   1975
Gender:   Male
Comments:   We should have a long stop as Arabs to beware the disastrous fact that embodied the continuation of the comedy of our overwhelming weakness and helplessness in front of the continuous successes of the Jewish planning which is perfectly implemented to exercise full control on the United States. The leader of the world and the manager of Universe affairs in the shadow of the one polar system and domination of American globalization. This happens in the shadow of a state of defeat and Arabic disappointment and weakness even to approach an attempt to effect or even convincing the successive American Administration that its real interests are with Arabs, and that its continuous negligence of Arab issues and rights, encouragement of aggression and occupation of Israel to their lands will greatly affect Washington's interests in the region. We have stayed for long times in helpless in situations, we remained silent for long times just like a wake spectator. This helped the Jewish!! To achieve successes which must be succeeded by other successes as long as we are practicing our habit of silence and helplessness? We will remain as usual astonished not believing the blowing surprises.
Fortune:   There once was a hacker named Ken Who inherited truckloads of Yen So he built him some chicks Of silicon chips And hasn't been heard from since then.

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