Guest Book - Rainer Mario Sonntag - 05/15/2003


Name:   Rainer Mario Sonntag
E-Mail:   neverONSunday at
Location:   Munich Germany
Birth Year:   1760
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Weird questions...but only because I love that Peussie, demon goddess of Love and Filth..and worshipped by all of us into Light, Happiness and groove on to Peussie, and we here in Munich think and send our prayers to you O GODDESS with hopes that you intercede for us and heal our holes. Love and Rump kisses from your old flamendes Flame, Rainer
Fortune:   Severe Acronym Shortage Cripples Computer Industry SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (SVC) -- According to a recent study by the Blartner Group, 99.5% of all possible five letter combinations have already

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