Guest Book - Muhammad - 04/11/2003


Name:   Muhammad
Gender:   Male
Comments:   The picture of Rachel Corrie shows before and, supposedly, after shots. Oddly, the young terrorist-abetter doesn't look very "bulldozed" does she? You'd think she'd be much flatter. The whole story hasn't come out yet, but there are reports that these types of incidents have happened before and that the "activists" (i.e. criminals) usually scuttle into the house in a vain attempt to stop the destruction. Reports indicate that a wall fell on the poor wretch, which fractured her skull. The photos seem to point to this, as a 20 ton bulldozer would surely render a human into meat paste. Regrettable? Perhaps. But the stupidity (not bravery) of this woman should surely prevent any more deluded wannabe jihadis from repeating her actions. Unfortunately, you don't seem interested in linking to the photographs of either this woman burning replicas (poor ones, at that) of the US and Israeli flags or the ridiculous "funeral procession" the local scumbags put on for her wherein her "coffin" is draped by the very flag she was burning. Good riddance.
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