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Comments:   THE TERRIBLE IMPOSTURE September 11 2001 THE TERRIBLE IMPOSTURE Any airplane crashed into the pentagon By Thierry Meyssan The official version is not sustained with an critical analysis. We will demonstrate that it was just a build-up scene. In some cases, the elements that we have picked up allow to reestablish the truth. In other cases, our questions still continue without answers, what is not a reason to continue believing the lies of the authorities. Anyway, the material that we have elaborated to question the genuineness of the American's acts in Afghanistan and the "war against the axis of evil." We invite you to not considering our work like a definitive truth. On the contrary, we invite you to the scepticism. trust just in you critic spirit. So that you can check our imputations and to be formed your own opinion, we have enriched the text with many notes that indicated you the main sources. In this period where United States separates the Good of the Evil, we will make an effort to remind them that the freedom is not to believe in a simplistic vision of the World, but understanding, to enlarge the options and to multiply the shades. ITS FREE ITS FREE ITS FREE
Fortune:   You can pick out actors by the glazed look that comes into their eyes when the conversation wanders away from themselves. -- Michael Wilding

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