Guest Book - Chen Lee - 02/19/2003


Name:   Chen Lee
E-Mail:   Dont have any
Web Page:   dont have any
Location:   China
Birth Year:   its a secret
Gender:   Male
Comments:   :--CL:-- The hero of the net, Chen Lee strikes again! Hey your all MF gookies, stop this nonsense at all. I enjoy with my favorite hot creamy coffee all the time. Today, my cute wife will prepare my favorite Chinese crab soup with bamboo shoots and herbs. Oh what a fun. My fastest friend Xang Piao and family is coming to a dinner on Saturday night. It will be a fun as as usual we will abuse the american gookies at the end. hahahahahah. Hunh....
Fortune:   dot file [Unix] n. A file that is not visible by default to normal directory-browsing tools (on Unix, files named with a leading dot are, by convention, not normally presented in directory

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