Guest Book - D. Crandell - 02/01/2003


Name:   D. Crandell
E-Mail:   dizz77 at
Location:   San Jose
Birth Year:   1951
Gender:   Male
Comments:   In regards to the California quarter poll, let me say that I have been following the voting closely for a couple of weeks now. In the past two weeks, I have see dramatic shifts in the polls that can only be caused by persons manipulating the polls by unfair means. Coins #3and #7 have gone up in dramatic moves of up to 30%. These acts have compromised the whole process. Virtually all of the other choices have been driven down to points that do not reflect their true popularity. Something needs to be done to address this injustice. Thank you. D.C.
Fortune:   Jasper Johns stealing lightbulbs Some of Johns best early works were of lightbulbs. Episode: Homer as an Artist

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