Guest Book - Jean V Crotty - 01/24/2003


Name:   jean v crotty
E-Mail:   daveybird at
Web Page:
Location:   fort worth ridgmar tarrant texas usa n america
Birth Year:   1945
Gender:   Female
Comments:   23 jan 2003 set my google search for engineers give milk and came to four advantages of breast milk. my fatherhood grp encourages men to give their wives the kind of support they need to nurse baby the natural way. not by pumping milk but by nursing the way nature intended. this creates a bond for the man,woman and the child that endures.
Fortune:   Chandler: (entering) Hey, does anybody need anything copied? I'm going down to the Xerox place. Monica: Oh, no thanks. Chandler: Okay listen, just give me anything I can make two of. Monica: Well,

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