Guest Book - John - 12/13/2002


Name:   John
Web Page:
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Hi community, how about christmas shopping in NY ? do you need about 45 to 60 $ for that ? the ive and idea - this is no scum/mlm/getmoneyfast/enlargeyourpenis ! Just try it instead of playing in the lottery ervery time. Ive now gathered about 80 $ for christmas shopping in .. eh about 9 days :-) better than nothing ! you can try it here anymay - merry christmas an an happy 2003 !!!!
Fortune:   FOAF // n. [Usenet; common] Acronym for `Friend Of A Friend'. The source of an unverified, possibly untrue story. This term was not originated by hackers (it is used in Jan Brunvand's bo

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