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Comments:   Respected sir, Excellencies, LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL AIM AND OBJECTIVE We are running a Lotus Social Welfare Trust International and we are working on the several social issues such as Education, Peace, Child helth, Agriculture, Forestry, Tech Transfer, Trade / Industry, Climate Science, Transport, disable persons, Medical Treatment, Marine Life Animal Protection Violation of Human rights, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Poverty, Violence Against Women And Children , Child labour, Women rights, Environment, Fundamentalism etc. 1) We are just sending this email to you if you can take any initiative or not and if you cannot please. Do keep it forwarding to proper person and organization. You can provide us any donation in any form like food, shoes, new and second hand cloth, money, Computer new and old , blankets, Tarpaulins, tents, winter clothes, wheat and other groceries items we would use these items for Afghan refugees and Pakistani poor peoples. The main purpose of the Lotus Social Welfare Trust International is to organize all the international NGOs on a one platform those are agreed with our working issues and to receive information and strategy from the different International NGOs. We need your generous assistance in cash/or kind as donations, Zakat, Khums Khairat and sadqat to strengthen our hands and alleviate the sufferings and improve the life pattern of the deserving and under privileged. Fund Raising is a major activity. Behbud members organise two or more functions a year for raising funds for running all the above projects. The Vocational Training Centre, with its laboratory and Auditorium specifically requires finance to optimise its operations and utility. Donations are needed for constructions for our ever-expanding projects. All donations to Behbud are exempt from income tax under section 15-D of the Income tax Ordinance vide notification No:SRO-1397(K)/67, dated August 5th 1967. You may also give us your time, professional advice, suggestions... anything that will improve our working. we have been working in our limited capacity because we have got severe financial problems.domestic donors are helping us but there aid is insufficient with out having international financing we are not able to enhance our NGOs promotional actives in a good manner. in your guidance we can go further and performed well for our NGO so we are looking forward for your financial help to run our projects . We strongly hope that on humanitarian grounds you would consider this mail Please specify if you would like your donation to be spent in any particular project of LSWTI. It is their commitment to Pakistan that led them to form this organization whose sole purpose is to build a strong Pakistan. It is an ambitious project, but not an impossible one. The organization takes its tasks seriously and is looking for committed people to join in, who are truly dedicated to the cause of Pakistan. Our organization is set up in a way that appeals to all groups including people who are interested in education, health care, politics, and human rights. Our goal is to have the right people at the right places in order to best use their potentials and at the same time help them grow as individuals. We are an organization dedicated to high standards and professionalism. To equip illiterate females with necessary attitudes and skills to make them economically productive members of the society, and create awareness among them regarding demographic issues with reference to family Planning; To raise awareness regarding the needs and legal rights of women/children and to support individuals and organizations working to protect their rights; To design activities for young and old to participate effectively in the socio-economic development of the community through launching a number of programs aiming at vocational and skill training, while inculcating a sense of self-help in the peoples; To provide medical facilities via dispensaries, mobile health system, and impart latest development and methods of basic community health/family welfare education to the people in order to fight back diseases, eradicate epidemics and maintain child mortality; To create awareness by developing knowledge, skills and attitudes leading to protection and improvement of the environment, and contribute to find effective solutions regarding solid waste management, recycling processes, sanitation problems etc.; To cooperate and maintain a communication system with foreign sources for mutual exchange of knowledge and resources as well as for obtaining ready information on Global changes / developments; and To organize and/or participate in relevant joint program and nominate delegates to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of others through attending the regional, national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, forums, exhibitions, etc. OUR VISION To transform our country into an egalitarian and literate society through supporting and promoting community education at grass root level and to educate people irrespective of their ethnic, linguistic, provincial, or religious background. To defend, to educate and to serve - physically and legally - our land, people and community, while motivating and encouraging the poor, the rural people, women, other weaker sections of the society through developing the means to protect their individual as well as collective rights and obtain, shape, and provide basic services to the people of Pakistan. Thematic Area Advocacy, Children, Development, Disaster Management, Drug Abuse, Economy, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Information Dissemination, Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development, Women, Youth, animal right , old person right , papulation , disable person, Refugees , Peace , etc. Demographic Focus Rural, Urban Operational Areas. NWFP Chitral, Malakand, Hazara, Mardan, Peshawar, Kohat, Bannu, D.I. Khan PUNJAB Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G.Khan, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, BALOCHISTAN Gawadar, Quetta, Sibbi, Nasirabad, Kalat, Mekran, FATA Bajor Agency, Mohmend Agency, Khyber Agency, Quraam Agency, Aurak Zai Agency, N. Varizistan Agency, SINDH Karachi, Nawabshah, Dadu, Larkana, Thatta, Kotree Major Projects Sewing Vocational School for Women (2001) Theme: Women Empowerment Project Area: Karachi Book Bank (2001) Theme: Giving books to poor children Project Area: Nationwide Schools (2002) Theme: Schools for poor children Project Area: Karachi We would like to further discuss on the above if that is of your assistance. Waiting your prompt reply in these regards. Contact: - RANA AFTAB Secretary General SYED SALMAN MEHDI President Lotus Social Welfare Trust International Secretariat: B-11/374 INDUS MEHRAN HOUSING SOCIETY MALIR KARACHI NO.37 POSTAL CODE 75080 PAKISTAN Tel: 9221-4503493 Fax: 9221-2418954 C/O SYED Zeeshan Mehdi Rizvi E-mail: lotustrust at" BANK ACCOUNT LOTUS SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL HABIB BANK LIMITED RANA AFTAB AHMED SAVING ACCOUNT NO 3931-7 JINAH TERMINAL BRANCH KARACHI NO. 064 PAKISTAN.
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