Guest Book - Farbod - 04/13/2002


Name:   Farbod
E-Mail:   selfconsumer at
Location:   Budapest/Hungary
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Hi there! I'm the "Kurt Cobain" or "Larvae" guy, long ago, from PAYAM BBS. I hope somebody remembers me!!! My real name is Farbod! ;) I checked out the site, it's so cool. I realy enjoyed the things here. Can I sign this guest book two times or more!? ;) I saw a guy did it! Anyway if anyone remembered me I'll be glad to hear from him/her/it! :) Peace.
Fortune:   fscking /fus'-king/ or /eff'-seek-ing/ adj. [Usenet; common] Fucking, in the expletive sense (it refers to the Unix filesystem-repair command fsck(1), of which it can be said that if you have

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