Guest Book - Sia Abadani Ph.D - 12/10/2001


Name:   Sia Abadani Ph.D
E-Mail:   SiaAbadani at
Web Page:
Location:   ABADAN
Birth Year:   1957
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Great Page you have. The way some American Citizens getting treated It means a lot if you would please; Support this site by visiting it and passing it on. It's about our freedom. In memory of September 11th. Visit and sign their guest book and give them some support and if you have a page let others see it as they enter their site. Women United Against Hate http:// Click here: Women United Against Hate
Fortune:   jock n. 1. A programmer who is characterized by large and somewhat brute-force programs. See brute force. 2. When modified by another noun, describes a specialist in some particular comp

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