Guest Book - Jose Vieira - 07/26/2001


Name:   Jose Vieira
E-Mail:   mitraud at
Location:   Berkeley/Downtown
Birth Year:   1970
Gender:   Male
Comments:   I am help Nancy from El cerrito to rent her room out and since she doesn't have a computer I am the one comunicating with people. I like you and I would like to be your friend. I live in Berkeley and I am from Brasil. I just finished my Marketing and International Business Certificate Program at UC B ext. and I will be here in the US working for while. I hope I can meet you some day. I'll be in Montreal until August 6th, so we can get together when I come back. My hohme phone # is (510)845-5468
Fortune:   "I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here." Stephen Bishop

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