Guest Book - Vini Kerigan - 10/17/2000


Name:   Vini Kerigan
E-Mail:   tiranova64 at
Location:   Irland
Birth Year:   1975
Gender:   Male
Comments:   hi ahmad how are you doing i'hope you are ok any way i'just want to tell you that your home page it's very cool and i'lik it a lot but i'just want to ask you for a helpp if you can i'want some iranian chat site but in english becouse i'm not iranian but i'like to chat with iranian the are very kind so if you can helpp me you have my email ok thank you Phone/Fax 0035314960516
Fortune:   TRS-80 Level-I BASIC could only store two string variables, A$ and B$. Similarly, I was born with only two bug-storing-slots in my brain. At any given time, I can only remember two bugs. If you ask me

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