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kassim_2006_m: Good Job!(15 Dec 2005)

اسلاام: dfg (15 Dec 2005)

محمد: This is my faovite site!(15 Dec 2005)

John: Hi, your guestbook design doesn't look very nice under opera (I mean list of page numbers). To my mind, you gotta make it with a nice image-border template, or just white. (15 Dec 2005)

محمد: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(15 Dec 2005)

zaynab: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(14 Dec 2005)

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kastro: kastro love (14 Dec 2005)

SEMA_SEMA: Two thumbs up...(14 Dec 2005)

Adult Personal: This is a good site for find your love for the night. try it now. personals (14 Dec 2005)

hamoooooooood: 00000 (14 Dec 2005)

بيبرس: sdd (14 Dec 2005)

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محمد: hi fuck (14 Dec 2005)

Horace B. Pendleton: I can't wait to make some new friends, I have nothing but time. (14 Dec 2005)

HESOKA: Two thumbs up...(14 Dec 2005)

ibrahimalsuwaidi: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(14 Dec 2005)

Wot ??: HUH ??? (13 Dec 2005)

هانى: Great! Keep it up!(13 Dec 2005)

Celine: Very nice homepage. But i have no authorization to watch the photos. (13 Dec 2005)

moody: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(13 Dec 2005)

ahmed: Wonderful site..(13 Dec 2005)

taher skran: Great! Keep it up!(13 Dec 2005)

welid: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(13 Dec 2005)

Joe Mase: Greetings from sunny South Africa! (13 Dec 2005)

zzzz: This is my faovite site!(13 Dec 2005)

Hermione: Very nice site, I will defnitely visit again (12 Dec 2005)

Don: Nice work..(12 Dec 2005)

Richard Quantum: nice site, but i dont like the news. adobe is annoying flash is annoying. put them together and they may just break the internet. (12 Dec 2005)

Helmeier: Nice Site, keep it up! (12 Dec 2005)

mohammad: how er u ????? (12 Dec 2005)

غشاش: qq (12 Dec 2005)

Ijez Vahted: Loved the site - though it was well put together. Especially liked the photo album (12 Dec 2005)

emprator9: emprator9 (12 Dec 2005)

Mike Bith: Please my dear friends (12 Dec 2005)

sami: give me vedeo sex (12 Dec 2005)

Linus Adams: I'm not too bright (12 Dec 2005)

Alex: hi someting new 4 you. (12 Dec 2005)

nazi: ilove you (12 Dec 2005)

dustin_dubree: nice site (12 Dec 2005)

Jenna Rossity: nice site (12 Dec 2005)

Carly: hawhaw this was soo funnie (11 Dec 2005)

النسر: (11 Dec 2005)

peter: Great! Keep it up!(11 Dec 2005)

ALI: Cool, keep up the nice site!(11 Dec 2005)

zzozoma: Nice work..(11 Dec 2005)

Siavash: Cool site. We exchanged a couple of email a while got me into Open Source stuff andI'm cruising man. keep it goin. (11 Dec 2005)

محمود: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(11 Dec 2005)

Mike: This is a great site (11 Dec 2005)

ibrahim: i love sex (11 Dec 2005)