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Evilba Stard: Like the jokes and blogs a great site (24 Jan 2006)

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[Anonymous]: Awesome blog! I loved the prejudice thing (22 Jan 2006)

mahmmed: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(22 Jan 2006)

Pete: Fantastic site! (22 Jan 2006)

piks utter: Hehe funny. Especially the prejudice map.. Too bad my contry wasnt represented. I would have loved to see what my contry is known for. (22 Jan 2006) Nice site. (21 Jan 2006)

raed: Great! Keep it up!(21 Jan 2006)

earl: (21 Jan 2006)

Hans Albertson: This site is really interesting, is there anyone here who knows how to make a site like thiss so I can make one for myself? (21 Jan 2006)

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