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Ben: I like the idea of a random comment being generated for me but I guess I just spoiled that by entering one of my own! (27 Feb 2006)

jochen: great site! (27 Feb 2006)

K. Braaier: Hello, K. (27 Feb 2006)

dr19591: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(26 Feb 2006)

shanon: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(26 Feb 2006)

fadel: Well done!(26 Feb 2006)

mody: hiii (26 Feb 2006)

ert: Great! Keep it up!(26 Feb 2006)

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Sharaf: Awesome job!(26 Feb 2006)

bob: site made me laugh, great stuff! (26 Feb 2006)

abdalla: Excellent site, man...(26 Feb 2006)

ahmed: Two thumbs up...(26 Feb 2006)

Derek Sherman: GREAT SITE, please send updates to (25 Feb 2006)

Gene Simmons: Great site. Kep up the good work. Will link it when my site is done... (25 Feb 2006)

ashy: i love sex (25 Feb 2006)

Malik Loja: Love you all (25 Feb 2006)

joaad: Nice work..(25 Feb 2006)

vvvd s: This is my faovite site!(25 Feb 2006)

ايمن: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(25 Feb 2006)

abdullah: Good Job!(25 Feb 2006)

soheil: Good Job!(24 Feb 2006)

fuck: I know where Nojan lives. when i find him, ill kill him, his parents, and all his friends like Deniz, Matt. Then, I would put my 44 inch penis in the mouth of Nojan's dead body. (24 Feb 2006)

Dickens: Nice guestbook (24 Feb 2006)

ahmed: Excellent site, man...(24 Feb 2006)

nada: Awesome job!(24 Feb 2006)

عصام: thank you (24 Feb 2006)

ماهر1: Cool, keep up the nice site!(24 Feb 2006)

djamel_hamza: salut a tout le monde (24 Feb 2006)

mohammed: Great! Keep it up!(24 Feb 2006)

Izuk kock: nice site! (24 Feb 2006)

Dr Sptrocter: Nice Site (24 Feb 2006)

smith gfd: thx (24 Feb 2006)

Jill Valencia: Ok...not bad (24 Feb 2006)

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jass full: I like ahmad (23 Feb 2006)

aziz: i like sex and i stiil fuk 2 time daily (23 Feb 2006)

غدير: sax (23 Feb 2006)

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bob: Good site! (23 Feb 2006)

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hamr: Good Job!(23 Feb 2006)

محمد: This is my faovite site!(22 Feb 2006)

me: I believe u r a muslim and its painfull to see some of the nicknames you have in ur nicknames section. Kindly remove them. I am reffereing to nicknames numbered 34084, 34083 and others like this. (22 Feb 2006)

rog: neat site (22 Feb 2006)

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Jonathan Wang: Excellent site. Most intoxicating! (22 Feb 2006)

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chelsea rush: was up all of you people any hot guys in here if there is love you all (22 Feb 2006)