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Shabaz: More waffles. (18 Apr 2006)

Helmut Scheisshausen: Love the site. and the biography. Keep it up. (18 Apr 2006)

ramy: i am good man ...................................... (18 Apr 2006)

Kaan BAYRAMBEY: Hello (18 Apr 2006)

[Anonymous]: Well done!(18 Apr 2006)

al_hanoof: Two thumbs up...(17 Apr 2006)

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hind: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(17 Apr 2006)

Julie Sym: i love buffy summers she is one of my favorites (17 Apr 2006)

salem: xxx (17 Apr 2006)

Sam: Cheers! Great site. Thanks. (17 Apr 2006)

طه الطحان: This is my faovite site!(17 Apr 2006)

ao: Amazing!! (16 Apr 2006)

Paul Lungaro: I want to become a better man. I am to immature. Can you please help me? Thanks Paul (16 Apr 2006)

umer uddin: umer uddin i enjoy to reading your site. (16 Apr 2006)

Sarah Afshar Fan: Sarah Afshar ExoticSarah1980 Sarah Afshar is a classical crossover and soprano, who covers many songs of diversity ranging from Rock to Opera to RBSoul to Theatre. She is breaktakingly beautiful and talented, not to mention a wonderful person. Please visit a website dedicated to her. (15 Apr 2006)

McCain: Nice website,very easy to navigate,i'll definitely be coming back (15 Apr 2006)

yep: The scuba diver in the forest fire is an urban myth. www.snopes.comSLASHhorrorsSLASHfreakishSLASHscuba.asp (15 Apr 2006)

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Father Frank: Nice Site . We are generous to deserving organizations. (15 Apr 2006)

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Bill: Great site Ahmad (15 Apr 2006)

John: had some funbrowsing your site (15 Apr 2006)

Sedrik Mansalla: Very interesting web site. I especially liked the jokes. (15 Apr 2006)

حسام الحمد: This is my faovite site!(15 Apr 2006)

ahmed: Nice work..(14 Apr 2006)

lala: hi ineed photo please (14 Apr 2006)

غغغغغ: I like this site!(14 Apr 2006)

ahmed-mido: Good Job!(14 Apr 2006)

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Tk: Thanks for visit ! (14 Apr 2006)

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etoo_9: merci pour la photo (13 Apr 2006)

سعيد: Well done!(12 Apr 2006)

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arabsex: (12 Apr 2006)

hany: Two thumbs up...(12 Apr 2006)

Puhp Shute: What is this web site about? (12 Apr 2006)

Justin Thyme: Interesting web site. (11 Apr 2006)

EHAB: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(11 Apr 2006) Arabic SEXY women (11 Apr 2006)

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Irving Tricyu: You should add more color, but other than that its good! (10 Apr 2006)