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شنقشة: Good Job!(01 Sep 2006)

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Didi: Cool (30 Aug 2006)

Steve: lol! (30 Aug 2006)

pop: Cool, keep up the nice site!(30 Aug 2006)

ali: Good Job!(30 Aug 2006)

atteyah: Nice Site!(30 Aug 2006)

تنهان: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(30 Aug 2006)

mm: Cool, keep up the nice site!(29 Aug 2006)

naneya: your collectins are unique thnx 4 sharing (29 Aug 2006)

ahmad: Good Job!(29 Aug 2006)

لالالالا: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(29 Aug 2006)

Fred: Hi Ahmad. I found here again after years. great site. I like it. BTW I used to be a colleauge of you cousin in Kerman. He told me about (29 Aug 2006)

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سامي: no thanks (29 Aug 2006)

Seymour: wow! (29 Aug 2006)

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صفاء الدين سعيد: Good Job!(28 Aug 2006)

eltarek: Great! Keep it up!(28 Aug 2006)