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لايلي: This is my faovite site!(17 Nov 2006)

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Persians For Perez Hilton: All Iranians please click my name and go to the website for Perez Hilton. He is defending us. He is an American gossip columnist. An Iranian was tasered for no reason at UCLA. Please defend him from ignorance and help other Iranians and Americans defend him (16 Nov 2006)

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Zahraa: I am a muslim and I love these kinds of things. I really like your website and I want to join and be one of the users but i dont know how so can you tell me how? Oh, and to you all non believers it is all true everything you see is true. those people that can prove it is fake are fakes. So you better shut up and go somewhere else. I love my religion and none is goin to dis it. (16 Nov 2006)

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John Paulus: I was doing a search and I wanted to leave a comment. Please visit - I am getting the truth out there. Thanks John! (15 Nov 2006)

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