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waleid: me (10 Jan 2007)

Sag E Blox: Keep up the good work (09 Jan 2007)

cool: I like this site!(09 Jan 2007)

Matt Hogg: Thanks heaps Ahmad (09 Jan 2007)

Nora Su: But you won't tell your birth year to us? Hmmm... I don't think so. Interesting site. I came from Sure you've heard of it? If not, I'm sure you will LOVE it! (09 Jan 2007)

يبليبال: Well done!(09 Jan 2007)

phishy boy: Thanks I need all the help I can get. I feel pretty useless most times and your site made me feel better (09 Jan 2007)

Jack: Love the site (09 Jan 2007)

ppppp: love (09 Jan 2007)

ضسصثي: This is my faovite site!(09 Jan 2007)

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HOSAM: Awesome job!(08 Jan 2007)

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Rodney Soul: Very Nice Site. CAN I HELP? (08 Jan 2007)

ahmed: I like this site!(07 Jan 2007)

coco: Nice work..(07 Jan 2007)

Michel: Great site. Helps in the look for love. (07 Jan 2007)

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hamzah: Two thumbs up...(07 Jan 2007)

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amar: sexy failm (07 Jan 2007)

john: good work cockysucky masters (06 Jan 2007)

مرفت: I like this site!(06 Jan 2007)

ali: You simply must stop taking advice from other people. Melissa Timberman (06 Jan 2007)

hussam: Excellent site, man...(06 Jan 2007)

ahmed: dsada (06 Jan 2007)

frank: cool site (06 Jan 2007)

nashal: Wonderful site..(06 Jan 2007)

mezoo: This is my faovite site!(05 Jan 2007)

xxx: Nice work..(05 Jan 2007)

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rashed: Nice Site!(05 Jan 2007)

اىاتتنللفبل: I like this site!(05 Jan 2007)

new: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(05 Jan 2007)

Pete: nice site. keep it up! (05 Jan 2007)

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Alwahsh: goooood (04 Jan 2007)

amir: Two thumbs up...(04 Jan 2007)

Brian: mugu mugu (04 Jan 2007)

jake: your website is well good i like the pictures. (04 Jan 2007)

88uu: I like this site!(04 Jan 2007)

adnan: Awesome job!(04 Jan 2007)

Ahmad: Nice Site!(04 Jan 2007)

Music Producer: Sarah Afshar has the most beautiful voice in the world. Imagine Whitney Houston's voice, combined with a hint of Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera, with the range of Sarah Brightman singing rock music. It seems impossible, but Sarah Afshar made it possible. This girl sang at an Indie Rock music fesitival in Athens, Georgia (the music capital of the south) and got a standing ovation. She is so gorgeous too. Best singer ever! (03 Jan 2007)

Dr. N. Detrouth: Illuminating! Keep up the Good work. (03 Jan 2007)

tarik: Hi (03 Jan 2007)