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Kalja Peikko: this is nice place (11 Jan 2007)

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Exotic: Salaam. Hale shoma chetor ast? (11 Jan 2007)

خهعغ: Nice Site!(11 Jan 2007)

johnny: This is my faovite site!(10 Jan 2007)

ahmed: i lov yuo (10 Jan 2007)

Armitage Shanks: I like this site!(10 Jan 2007)

greg watkins: awesome website! thanks! (10 Jan 2007)

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rafat: Cool, keep up the nice site!(10 Jan 2007)

jon mark: I really like this site (10 Jan 2007)

سليمان غريب سليمان: I like this site!(10 Jan 2007)

waleid: me (10 Jan 2007)

Sag E Blox: Keep up the good work (09 Jan 2007)

cool: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(09 Jan 2007)

Matt Hogg: Thanks heaps Ahmad (09 Jan 2007)

Nora Su: But you won't tell your birth year to us? Hmmm... I don't think so. Interesting site. I came from Sure you've heard of it? If not, I'm sure you will LOVE it! (09 Jan 2007)

يبليبال: Well done!(09 Jan 2007)

phishy boy: Thanks I need all the help I can get. I feel pretty useless most times and your site made me feel better (09 Jan 2007)

Jack: Love the site (09 Jan 2007)

ppppp: love (09 Jan 2007)

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Azer: I look for frinds (08 Jan 2007)

adam: i love to cockysucky (08 Jan 2007)

Rodney Soul: Very Nice Site. CAN I HELP? (08 Jan 2007)

ahmed: Good Job!(07 Jan 2007)

coco: Nice work..(07 Jan 2007)

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frank: cool site (06 Jan 2007)

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mezoo: Well done!(05 Jan 2007)

xxx: I like this site!(05 Jan 2007)