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ابراهيم: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(07 Feb 2007)

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Amanda: This is a brilliant website! I've been trying to draw that car on paint but my computer skills really aren't up to much! Thanks anyway! (05 Feb 2007)

tamer: Wonderful site..(05 Feb 2007)

hany: thank you for bieng there (05 Feb 2007)

Greyden Divadale: Great site (05 Feb 2007)

ahmed: Nice work..(05 Feb 2007)

Sandra: what a hoot. Well done (05 Feb 2007)

[Anonymous]: Nice Site!(05 Feb 2007)

mohamad: Wonderful site..(05 Feb 2007)

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Jon Holmes: please sent me map of Bogor as soon as possible (05 Feb 2007)

mohammad alsammak: Awesome job!(04 Feb 2007)

Kiria: Thanks for the jokes-- they really livened up my party on Saturday night. (04 Feb 2007)

hi: Excellent site, man...(04 Feb 2007)

abdo: abody (04 Feb 2007)

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