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Sandra: Great site, it was a good read (19 Feb 2007)

aziz: Yes. You are indubitably right. The kernel not recognizing a major chipset is indeed the fault of a wrong configuration. No doubt. File lacking a device recognition string. Yep, misconfigured kernel. Yep. Right. That's the sodding s (19 Feb 2007)

محمد: Well done!(19 Feb 2007)

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elaheh: The Journey of the snake will begin a thousand miles with a single step. (19 Feb 2007)

hassan: gjtr (19 Feb 2007)

Mark: Really like your work! Keep it up! (19 Feb 2007)


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bingo: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(19 Feb 2007)

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Jim: Good Job!(18 Feb 2007)

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lan: hey i love your website (18 Feb 2007)

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Miko: Great website, the jokes are nice, especially the world's easiest quiz (18 Feb 2007)

Reginald McCardigh: Interesting Website. (18 Feb 2007)

41: Nice work..(18 Feb 2007)

Walt Anker: Awesome job!(18 Feb 2007)

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alaafth: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(17 Feb 2007)