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Jacob: I like your site but it is hard to navigate on. keep up the good work Jacob (25 Feb 2007)

1.: Nice work..(25 Feb 2007)

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James: Great site! I love the pictures. I wish I could somehow donate to help you guys out (25 Feb 2007)

jankamugu: please love one as you ,love youe self ok (25 Feb 2007)

maden: Two thumbs up...(25 Feb 2007)

ernest: Nice Site (25 Feb 2007)

Brian: great site, OK (25 Feb 2007)

tarek: I like this site!(25 Feb 2007)

نانسي: Well done!(25 Feb 2007)

naseer sawa: Wonderful site..(25 Feb 2007)

Leonard: Thanks for the blog! LOVE IT. Big fan. I was wondering if I could donate some money, I always love giving out money to a good cause. -Leonard (24 Feb 2007)

hamada: Nice Site!(24 Feb 2007)

amgd: I like this site!(24 Feb 2007)

Sandy: pics, vids and fun on my homepage (24 Feb 2007)

meme: Wonderful site..(24 Feb 2007)

أسامة: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(24 Feb 2007)

Louis Caan: Odd site but interesting - spiffing (24 Feb 2007)

krem bogren: Nice Site!(24 Feb 2007)

ahmed: Cool, keep up the nice site!(24 Feb 2007)

[Anonymous]: Great! Keep it up!(24 Feb 2007)

tofi29: Hi Every Body (23 Feb 2007)

$Sex Man$: Not Comment (23 Feb 2007)

colin fullerton: Nice one, ill see you @ the casino on sunday? (23 Feb 2007)

Ophelia Memba: Great site Ahmad (23 Feb 2007)

philip: HHELLO (23 Feb 2007)

raouf: Great! Keep it up!(23 Feb 2007)

لاتاتن: Great! Keep it up!(23 Feb 2007)

Joshua Shanle: Live with a roommate named steve Kearney (23 Feb 2007)

[Anonymous]: I like the site!! Good (23 Feb 2007)

Roland: RB was here. (23 Feb 2007)

alaa: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(23 Feb 2007)

moh: Cool, keep up the nice site!(23 Feb 2007)

robby forsythe bert: nice guestbook .sike. (23 Feb 2007)

ahmed: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(23 Feb 2007)

Jamie: nice site (23 Feb 2007)

abud: Good Job!(23 Feb 2007)

said: Good Job!(23 Feb 2007)

loli-007: Awesome job!(23 Feb 2007)

sarah: baghdad (23 Feb 2007)

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suck my: Two thumbs up...(23 Feb 2007)

jed.bruckheimer: thanks! (23 Feb 2007)

Bjorn: Nice work Ahmad!!! (23 Feb 2007)

Iva Bigun: excellent work (22 Feb 2007)

Peter: Whats all this about? (22 Feb 2007)

Ian Heinlein: keep up the good work. (22 Feb 2007)

انس الدايخ: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(22 Feb 2007)

سكس مصرى: Wonderful site..(22 Feb 2007)

hussein: Great! Keep it up!(22 Feb 2007)