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Frankie: Great site. Thanks so much. (02 Apr 2007)

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Ahmad: six (02 Apr 2007)

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Lule Williams: It is completely free to register as a member here and this site is dedicated to swingers from all over the world. You have arrived at the right place, if you are a swinger or simply interested in learning more about swinging.Think of it as MYSPACE FOR SWINGERS (02 Apr 2007)

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Bob Dobbs: Funny webpage. (01 Apr 2007)

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jenna myers: NICE! (01 Apr 2007)

Frank: Like the site! (01 Apr 2007)

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George: I have loved travel from an early age and am also facinated by the different types of quilts that people make in different countries. I am wondering if other countries like Iran and African Countries make their own quilts as well. Would be fun to learn more about African and Iranian cloth and materials needed to make them. Like later... George (01 Apr 2007)

: haloo (01 Apr 2007)

amr: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(01 Apr 2007)

Ross: Hey what's up every1?? (01 Apr 2007)

aaaa_19712000: Excellent site, man...(01 Apr 2007)

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