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eric: I love you all here in this site. Eric Johnson, (10 Jul 2007)

[Anonymous]: Nice work..(10 Jul 2007)

ABU IMBRAHIM: Awesome site. (10 Jul 2007)

haitham: Nice work..(10 Jul 2007)

Dixon Cox: Two thumbs up...(10 Jul 2007)

mr: Good Job!(09 Jul 2007)

father john stevens: great site well done (09 Jul 2007)

Dr. Jose Mariachi: Great site (09 Jul 2007)

Milton Waddums: I like your blog, especially the short jokes (09 Jul 2007)

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Mike Bloomfield: Ha ha, I love it! (05 Jul 2007)

mike lanzo: lagos rules! (05 Jul 2007)

teme: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(05 Jul 2007)

Jenny: Hey, like the new look of your website.. it's more pleasing to the eye now, without so many hard edges and lines. Hope you're doing well! Oh by the way, I got my transplant Sept of last year. (05 Jul 2007)

Robin: maybe make the width ofthe page a tad smaller (05 Jul 2007)

James Peterson: Wealthy man seeking investment avenue (05 Jul 2007)

[Anonymous]: Excellent site, man...(05 Jul 2007)

mark: funny stuff (05 Jul 2007)

Simon: Good work! (04 Jul 2007)

james cameron: haha, love the pics! (04 Jul 2007)

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