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I was born in 1980 in Iran and I came to the United States as a young chap (5 years old) and have been in California ever since. I grew up playing soccer my whole life up until a couple of years ago when I began college. Now I just play for fun because I'm a fatty and do not have enough time to play seriously.I'm aiming to finish my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2004. I also love writing especially fiction and non-fiction short stories. I've entered several short story contests in the Bay Area and have placed second and third in two compeitions. The non-fiction stories are about my travels along the California coast and my college experiences in Santa Barbara when I go down to visit friends.My goal is to become a patent writer in America, as I believe that combines all my knowledge as an engineer and talents as a writer into one mainframe work of masterful art. Email me at ralani_7[at]

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