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I was born in 1978 and was brought up in Iran. As most other Sharif graduates I can be considered more of a nerd (Tizhooshan high school, Gold medalist of Chemistry olympiad, Top student of department in undergrad, admission to MIT etc), nevertheless, I like sports, music and social interaction more. I am mostly interested in the dynamics of change in social systems and more specifically about learning, which is my current research area. As a system dynamicist I make computer models of social systems to enhance our understanding about how social systems change and evolve through time, interested in learning, I try to find out ways for transfering such insights to non-social-scientists. I started my PhD in M.I.T.'s sloan school of management at 2000 and hope to be done by 2005.

E-mail me at: hazhir at MIT.edu

A.K.A. Hajir Rahmandad

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